We've been asked to have a look digester technology to treat the effluent from a palm oil mill



We‘ve been asked to have a quick look at this technology for a dig ester to treat the effluent from a palm oil mill and then recovering the gas to run a boiler or potentially getting a generator to produce electricity. There would also be revenue from O&M and carbon credits. One of the things they would like to achieve is to reduce COD by 90%. I wouldn’t have thought this would be possible?

Attached is a brochure from a supplier which details a similar process.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Any better ideas?

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    You are quite right, 90% COD conversion is far too high/impossible. A more realistic upper limit is 65%. This value has been proven with other large volume high COD effluents and has been accepted by the UNFCC for CDM projects. Going higher is ‘brochure’ talk.
    We have just done a DD on a covered lagoon based scheme in China treating bioethanol effluent and the technology supplier has a track record able to show a 65% convesion rate.

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