Tim Burr, National Audit Office, "England is at risk of missing the 2013 EU landfill reduction target"

This press release  is basically saying the UK is at risk of not achieving its Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW) landfill diversion target for 2013.  This means that energy from waste plants (using anaerobic digestion) are too slow and difficult to procure even with government support for the PFI credits and with the risk of massive fines from the EU to spur local authorities into action.  A bit depressing.




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    The AD option in the UK is actually beginning to ‘flourish’, both for long-term contracts involving MSW-derived organics and commercial waste based schemes. Of course most have a mix of MSW, commerical and energy crops, depending on proximity to feedstock types. The current EFT WRAP funding has attracted a large number of potential projects. In addition the commercial banks are also looking at a number of possible projects. Double ROCS, potential for biomethane in the gas grid and as a vehicle fuel are all helping the cause.
    Could always be better but the German and Swedish decentralised energy generation models seem to be attracting due interest in the UK. Just need to sort out the exorbitant National Grid (and maybe the gas grid in due course) connection costs and we could see a bright future.



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