"Lazy NPower can't be bothered to lay a heat main to re-gas the LNG at Milford Haven" – our correspondent

FOE Cymru were gutted by the recent consent given to the 2GWe CCGT Npower application at Pembroke power station site. Its on the south side of the Haven and will dump 9 TWh/y into the waterway (capturing 6 TWh/ would have been enough to heat 330,000 homes rising to 500,000 if insulation programmes reduced annual consumption to 12 MWh).  Worse, the two new LNG terminals are a few miles away but on the north side of the Haven and will require about 3 – 6 TWh/y of low grade heat to re-gas the LNG !   They say putting CHP pipes under the 1 mile water way is not feasible (to their lazy mindset) but they will be putting a gas pipeline under the waterway to fuel the CCGT. – a correspondent writes.


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    This is mad, both environmentally and economically. It’s throwing money away.

    Who is the contact at FOE Cymru?

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    Neil Crumpton

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    Could we set up a consortium to build and operate the heat main, flogging hopeless nPower the heat?

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