James Berkin compiling a list of all organisations or individuals supporting the supergrid concept

James Birkin writes as below:

there is now a wiki at
at which you can add target organistations)

Dear Attendee,

I am compiling a list of all organisations or individuals supporting the
concept of a Supergrid.

The reason for this is that it seems there is much we agree on  regarding
the need for such a grid.  It seems that there  is a very real danger of the
very large number of well intentioned but  individual organisations clouding
the issue, and irritating the powers that be with duplication.

What seems so clear is that whatever technology one favours, a free long
distance market in electricity is absolutely essential to attaining cost
effective low carbon electrical energy in the future.  I also suspect there
is a huge amount on which the vast majority of proponents are agreed.

I would most appreciate information regarding any entities which you are
aware have a string interest – across Europe Middle East  and the Near East
(EUMENA)in the main but I would also list those further afield with a view
to more long term contacts.

Knd regards

James Birkin

James Birkin

7 Larkhall Rise


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    Hello James

    Bit of a long shot I know, but are you the same James Birking asking about the White Hart Dock on the WhatDoTheyKnow site:
    http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/white_hart_dock_usage_costs_of_r ?
    If so, I am equally concerned and would like to know your interest?

    Tim Sutton

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    Yes actually I am – my interest really was why on earth they spent all that money at that location!
    The seats look at the main road – who on earth would want to sit there?

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