Gas and Diesel engine internal assessment and inspections, oil analysis, condition monitoring offered by Insight Inspection

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Insight Inspection (UK) Ltd – Who Are We?

Reciprocating engines, gas or diesel benefit from a range of specialist services to keep maintenance costs down, and to  predict and forestall breakdown or failure and to assess engine condition for example when purchasing a second hand engine.

insight_inspectionA small, newly formed Company, based in the UK, we offer a diverse range of services including Lube Oil Management, Visual Inspection & Fuel Gas Testing on a wide variety of mechanical plant.

We do however specialise in rotating equipment, and draw on hands-on experience gained during an involvement of nearly 25 years within the UK Power Industry, particularly Gas Engines fuelled with aggressive fuels such as Landfill and Sewage gas.

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    We are looking for a price for undertaking an inspection and condition report on 300kW engine running on biofuel in NW of England. Can you help

    Kind regards,

    John Malcolm
    NIFES Consulting Group

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