Funds offered for asset based investments in green technology

We have a number of individuals and investment funds seeking green tech projects to invest in.  These are serious and bone fide people

If interested use the Claverton Contact form


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    Not sure what you mean by “asset based”. New company just formed by chairman of Burdens Dr David Kaner which is expanding it’s environmental side
    Two projects:-
    1/. Combined Solar PV and water heater
    2/. New wind turbine system based on Trimblemill technology see

    More information on request

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    Lots of interest from my clients in opening factories, manufacturing solid “smokeless” briquettes, from clean dry biomass. The “holey” briquette, burns hot and clean. Anticipating a huge Worldwide demand, as the polluting countries sign on to Copenhagen, and mandate the use of renewables, away from fossil fuels.
    Europe has mandated 20% renwables by 2020, and the USA should announce soon. California has already passed laws.
    John Olsen Cree Industries

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