Using Biomass as a fuel is a positive benefit for the environment

Dear Richard   Thank you very much for this fantastic paper about the forest   I was asked if we also have this biomass debate in DK, yes we have, and  the same arguments. The Danish District association DanskEnergy, the association of power companies held a conference recently about it and concluded that biomass with the certificates was considered to be CO2 neutral Also the Danish Ener... »

 Trams ‘are a genuinely viable alternative’ to car travel in Bath ( and other cities)

By Bath Chronicle  |  Posted: January 27, 2017 A tram travelling through Twerton, Bath Comments (4) I was very interested and encouraged to learn that there is a Bath Trams group actively promoting trams in the city, especially after having lived in Basel, Switzerland for eight years. In that time I made full use of its long-standing tram system to go to work, journey to the city and for pleasure ... »

Are TRAMS the answer the Bath’s traffic and congestion woes?

extract from an article in teh Bath Chronical By BMoorcraft  |  Posted: November 03, 2016 By @BethanMoorcraft A tram on the old Bath to Bathford route Could an efficient tram system be the answer to Bath’s ongoing traffic and pollution woes? Members of Bath Swift Trams certainly think so – and they want you to agree. On Thursday, November 17, Trams for Bath is holding a public meeting ... »

Trams in Bordeaux to not need overhead wires – response from Cllr Roger Symonds

Hi Dave Your graph gives only NO2.  The council does not measure PM10s or PM2.5s (as you probably know these are tiny particulates given off from diesels and from friction on the road and from brakes etc…)  There is a Council report on air pollution in Bath, which came to the Transport Policy Development and Scrutiny panel, recommending no action.  I could not understand the report or the presenta... »

Bath Tramways Horse Drawn Tram – from the 1880s

tarbuck Horse Tram           Date: 1880 Gauge: 4ft 0in Registration: – Acquired by the Museum: 2003   »

Bath’s illegal levels of NOX from traffic fumes

  40 µg/m3 (EU[1], limit value for human health, annual mean)   Nitrogen dioxide 5 One of the chief pollutants from vehicle emissions is nitric oxide, which through oxidation creates nitrogen dioxide (NO2). It plays a major role in atmospheric reactions that produce ground-... »

Why trams are a modern, low cost and convenient solution to Baths choking transport issues

Bath Science Cafe, Monday 13th, Raven Pub. Tram in World Heritage City Vienna passing Opera house – see the wires? Some are attached to the building itself. Why trams are a modern, low cost and convenient solution to Baths choking transport issues Professor Lesley will explain the economics of trams in Bath Bath’s traffic problem is essent... »

Bath Trams follow up meeting, Raven Pub / Bath Science Cafe, 13 April, 8.30 pm

Tram meeting report Zero cost to Bath Council tram proposal Meeting well attended by 37 persons in all. Chairman and ex chairman of council, leader of conservative group, also Lib Dem party rep and green party rep. David Andrews who called the meeting explained that he had no financial interest in trams but was promoting the idea having had widespread experience of trams and their virtues whilst w... »

The extensive tram network in Bath up to 1939


Trams in Bath’s narrow streets

See full article on re introducing trams into Bath:…   ” Could trams be the answer to our transport and traffic problems in Bath? It has worked in other cities across the UK and Europe, and campaigners feel they would be ideal for our city. Two talks on trams in Bath, both by Professor Lesley, an e... »