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Open letter to Tony Hall and Director General of the BBC

Open letter to Tony Hall, Lord Hall of Birkenhead and Director General of the BBC, on the platform given to Prof Bob Carter on the World at One programme (Fri 27th Sept 2013). Instigated by the Claverton Group.   We, the undersigned scientists and engineers, write to condemn the appearance of Prof Bob Carter on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, and to urge the BBC to seriously rethink the trea... »

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 13:06:14 +0000 Subject: Job Opportunity for Post-Doc Transport/Energy/ E-mobility modeller at Institute for Energy and Transport (Petten/Netherlands) Dear Colleague,   Please find below the link to a vacancy notice on a grantholder job opportunity for an E-mobility/ Transport/Energy Modeller at the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the European Commission’s Joint Re... »

Feeding Renewable Policy

Feeding Renewable Policy

A Conference presented by The University of Birmingham and the Claverton Group of Energy Experts, Friday January 18th. Booking link More information and timetable of speakers »

PhD-qualified Waste to Energy Candidate

Does anyone know a good PhD qualified Waste to Energy candidate that we could approach to support us in a bid, and ultimately deliver as Technical Lead if successful. The candidate needs to have delivered substantial W2E projects. This is an extract of the Technical Lead information: A Doctoral Degree , MQF Level 8,   in any field of particular relevance to the nature of this tender, this being de... »

2 Jobs at Joint Research Centre

Please find below the link to 3 vacancy notices on job opportunities at the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. Feel free to forward this information to persons with a corresponding profile who might be interested to work at the IET in Petten/Netherlands.   new GH-30 position »

CO2 Increased by 240 PPM Equivalent?

Climate change summary of the case – CO2 Increased by 240 PPM Equivalent On 15 July 2012 02:02, Jo Abbess <> wrote: Dear Kevin, You say, “# […]  My concern is that the IPCC only looks at CO2, and not water vapour as a GHG, when it would appear that the GH effect of water vapor is at least 15 times greater than CO2, because of its greater presence in the a... »

Grantholder in Materials for Low-Carbon Technologies

Job/Position: The Institute for Energy and Transport of the European Commission in Petten The Netherlands has a position for a Grantholder in Materials for Low-Carbon Technologies. The job description is as follows: The aim of the proposed project is to assess the impact of material supply constraints on the large scale deployment of low-carbon technologies and to identify solutions to overcome po... »

Australian idea for ammonia transmission of wind energy  takes you to mail with file attached… ——– Original Message ——- I am wondering if you all might be interested in a proposal I am pushing in Australia that might also be relevant to other places with renewable energy resources in remote areas such as in North Africa, the Middle East, desert areas in Chin... »

Chellow Bill Checking Software

Chellow is the worlds best free bill checking and bill administration software. Summary Chellow is a web application for checking that UK electricity bills are correct. It can scale up to organizations with a large number of sites / supplies. It can hold an accurate model of supplies and their characteristics, including embedded generator supplies and third par... »

wind turbine kW input when the wind isn't blowing, maximum output capacity, annual load factor and the

Dear Claverton, Below is a table of the complete fleet of eastern Australian wind turbines showing the maximum output capacity, annual load factor and the kW input when the wind isn’t blowing.  Some farms apparently have their own auxiliary power and don’t draw from the grid but in any event the drain on the grid is quite small. Regards, Leith Prof Leith A Elder BE PEng Principal Engin... »