Stroud £2.75M Community Energy Share Offer Now Open

Dear Supporters of Community Energy Our community energy share offer for the two Stroud wind turbines, known as Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables Ltd (REMR) is now open and shares are selling fast.  These shares will be full Equity Shares in the two 500kW wind turbines, run as a Community Benefit Society based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The Society aims to raise £2,750,000 with the issue of ... »

Committee on Climate Change highlights cost-effectiveness of wind energy – onshore and offshore  

RenewableUK is welcoming a new report commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change which shows the cost of offshore wind energy will drop dramatically by the end of the decade, with further significant cost reductions in the 2020s. The study, “Approaches to cost reduction in offshore wind” by BVG Associates for the CCC, says there is strong evidence that offshore wind is already on track to dri... »

Pentland Firth – Nick Balmer

This was written as a comment to:   A few years ago I was working for BAM Nuttall pricing renewable energy projects including offshore windfarms. We became part of a consortium looking at the possibility of installing wave or tidal current turbines in the Pentland Firth. It was one of the most interesting projects that I ha... »

wind turbine kW input when the wind isn't blowing, maximum output capacity, annual load factor and the

Dear Claverton, Below is a table of the complete fleet of eastern Australian wind turbines showing the maximum output capacity, annual load factor and the kW input when the wind isn’t blowing.  Some farms apparently have their own auxiliary power and don’t draw from the grid but in any event the drain on the grid is quite small. Regards, Leith Prof Leith A Elder BE PEng Principal Engin... »

Effect of brutal cutoff of wind capacity – Spanish Wind ramping, intermittency back up Spain’s variable wind and stable electricity networks Sunday 15 November 2009 in uncategorized by Chris Goodall One of the frequent criticisms of wind energy is that national distribution systems (‘the grid’) cannot cope with large number of turbines because of the variability and unpredictability of their output. Grids need to match supply and demand... »

Offshore Wind Technology conference, 12 – 13 December, Birmingham, UK

 The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The IET is one of the world’s leading professional institutions with over 150,000 engineers and technologists as members worldwide.  We are organising an Offshore Wind Technology conference, 12 – 13 December, Birmingham, UK and we would appreciate your support in promoting this event to your members. »

Effect of a step change in wind output or load on in grid frequency and control mechanisms

Fred, The frequency is system-wide. That is, all parts of an A/C system will have the same frequency. Any change in frequency is a reflection of a change in the balance between supply and demand. So a drop in frequency is a reflection either of a loss of generation, or an increase in demand. Actual demand at any time is a aggregation of many millions of demands, with all of us making changes, ever... »

Dr Gregor Czisch to talk at Synergistic SuperGrid for Transmitting Energy Overseas 2011 Collecting the SuperGrid Puzzle & Moving Closer to Reality

    CompanyNameDesignationCountry Climate ParliamentNicholas DunlopFounder and Secretary-GeneralUnited Kingdom Siemens Transmission and DistributionMatthew KnightBusiness Development ManagerUnited Kingdom Friends of the SupergridAna AguadoCEOBelgium Commission for Energy RegulationPaul BrandonManager – Electricity TransmissionIreland The University of GlasgowEnrique AchaProfessor of Electrical Pow... »

Papers in Energy Policy from Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobson, Stanford / California University USA – 100% renewable energy at reasonable prices and timescales

Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi recently published two papers in Energy Policy expanding upon our article on 100% wind, water, and solar power for the world, published in Scientific American in November 2009. I am attaching corrected in-press proofs of the articles. Mark and I continue to work on various aspects of this, so we welcome comments on these papers. (Please do not distribute them system... »

Wind Energy Reduces Electricity Prices,Says Independent Study"….NOT

Extract from Claverton Energy Group Archives, by Paul Frederik Bach, ex director Danish Western National Grid. On 12 May 2010 21:13, Paul-Frederik Bach <> wrote: Dear all, The debate on the economy of wind power seems to be never ending. Observations of wind power output and spot prices indicate that wind power creates low prices during periods of high wind. It is a sim... »