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Finning (UK) Ltd – Clean Power, Contracting & Technologies (CPCT)

With more than 20 years’ experience, Finning is a leading EPC solutions provider in power generation – whether the requirement is for high reliability standby power, high efficiency CHP or a combination of both. By working closely with trusted partners, we are able to provide all the civil, electrical, mechanical and controls engineering expertise that your project requires, coupled wi... »

Papers in Energy Policy from Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobson, Stanford / California University USA – 100% renewable energy at reasonable prices and timescales

Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi recently published two papers in Energy Policy expanding upon our article on 100% wind, water, and solar power for the world, published in Scientific American in November 2009. I am attaching corrected in-press proofs of the articles. Mark and I continue to work on various aspects of this, so we welcome comments on these papers. (Please do not distribute them system... »

Full time job for power expert Large Combustion Plant Best Available Techniques Reference Document

Dave, Below is the link to the GH 40 post (2 years full time work based in Petten) we have open (closing date 31.01.2011) for a co-author of the rewriting of the Large Combustion Plant Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF). We are looking for someone with a few years of experience in the power generation industry and able/keen to jointly lead the Work Group of industry stakeholders p... »

How much of UK electricity could come from the burning of combustible wastes from both domestic and industrial sources?

David In March 2005 the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Renewable Power Association (RPA) published a report titled “The Quantification of the Potential Energy from Residuals (EfR) in the UK (Lee P et al. 2005).  A briefing on this report was included in Energy Journal 160, (Crudginton A. 2007).  The report indicated that the potential yield from municipal solid waste and commercial a... »

Tiny Tech Steam Engines for Biomass to power

Dear Friends,   Dave Andrews has suggested me to appraise you about my activity of steam engines and steam power plants which, I think, will play very vital role in shaping the economy of many developing countries in future. Just to get the idea of my steam engines, you can  watch the following URL on youtube.   For 2hp and 18hp- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54s4vg3IgYg   For 2hp, 8hp, 18hp- htt... »

IP&EE conference, NEC Birmingham, 8th – 10th June 2010, diesel generators, on independent power and energy – biomass, chp, gas engine, solar, ORC turbines, policy, feed in tarrifs,

For latest programme see: http://tx1.fcomet.com/~claverto/cms/nec-latest-list.html    IP&EE conference, NEC Birmingham, 8th – 10th June 2010, diesel generators, on independent power and energy – biomass, chp, gas engine, solar, ORC turbines, policy, feed in tarrifs,  See full conference flyer – http://tx1.fcomet.com/~claverto/cms/ieee-conference.html  Register for the conference Re... »

Gas and Diesel engine internal assessment and inspections, oil analysis, condition monitoring offered by Insight Inspection

to see power plant for sale or wanted, press SELECT CATEGORY  and choose FOR SALE/WANTED Insight Inspection (UK) Ltd – Who Are We? Reciprocating engines, gas or diesel benefit from a range of specialist services to keep maintenance costs down, and to  predict and forestall breakdown or failure and to assess engine condition for example when purchasing a second hand engine. A small, newly formed Co... »

Private client manager Invicta is to launch a £300m fund targeting the biomass industry to cash in on government targets for renewable energy

( Bruno Prior, MD of Forever Fuels, comments on the Invicta announcement - these are Bruno's personal views, not those of Claverton Group) "Just one little problem (well actually, several, but this one's a good one). Invicta have been shy about whose technology they are using. We sent one of our team to a public meeting in Edinburgh, to ask the question. He was told that Organics wou... »

Gas scrubber / tar and contaminant remover, succesful in several gasifier fuelled engine installations

Richard Hanson writes: To answer your question, no – I’m afraid we don’t have a wood gasifier.  But we do have several plants which are being used very successfully on wood gasifiers to provide gas cleaning between the gasifier and the compressor or engine, depending on the system configuration.  The core technology is the V-texTM scrubber (http://www.ergapc.co.uk/vtex.htm) which has the ability t... »

Owning and Operating Costs of Waste and Biomass Power Plants

Claverton Energy Conference, 23/24/25th October 2009 Dave Andrews, DAEC Here are some broad brush head line figures for the owning and operating of a particular kind of advanced staged combustion power plant, obtained from a leading manufacturer, suitable for biomass, waste materials and waste wood. The process is essential combustion, but is referred to as gasification / combustion, meaning ... »