IEA Biofuels 2050 Roadmap (27% of transport fuel) – Press release 20apr11

¬†¬†Reply |Mark Delucchi to energy-discuss. show details 21:34 (12 hours ago) I tend to agree with Mark B. here. FWIW, the IEA report mentions algae but doesn’t feature it in its analysis. I’ve seen a few LCAs of algae fuel, and and the results are not particularly impressive. The IEA report includes algae in one of its GHG-LCA graphs. For a couple of reasons, I find biofuels to be infer... »

Papers in Energy Policy from Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobson, Stanford / California University USA – 100% renewable energy at reasonable prices and timescales

Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi recently published two papers in Energy Policy expanding upon our article on 100% wind, water, and solar power for the world, published in Scientific American in November 2009. I am attaching corrected in-press proofs of the articles. Mark and I continue to work on various aspects of this, so we welcome comments on these papers. (Please do not distribute them system... »