Incorrect statements on wind power and nuclear power from the BBC

  ———- Forwarded message ——— From: dave andrews [Claverton] <> Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 at 09:59 Subject: [Claverton] Incorrect statements on wind power from the BBC … To: <>,  Claverton <>, <> Dear BBC, I wrote in ... »

Using Biomass as a fuel is a positive benefit for the environment

Dear Richard   Thank you very much for this fantastic paper about the forest   I was asked if we also have this biomass debate in DK, yes we have, and  the same arguments. The Danish District association DanskEnergy, the association of power companies held a conference recently about it and concluded that biomass with the certificates was considered to be CO2 neutral Also the Danish Ener... »

Stroud £2.75M Community Energy Share Offer Now Open

Dear Supporters of Community Energy Our community energy share offer for the two Stroud wind turbines, known as Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables Ltd (REMR) is now open and shares are selling fast.  These shares will be full Equity Shares in the two 500kW wind turbines, run as a Community Benefit Society based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The Society aims to raise £2,750,000 with the issue of ... »

Committee on Climate Change highlights cost-effectiveness of wind energy – onshore and offshore  

RenewableUK is welcoming a new report commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change which shows the cost of offshore wind energy will drop dramatically by the end of the decade, with further significant cost reductions in the 2020s. The study, “Approaches to cost reduction in offshore wind” by BVG Associates for the CCC, says there is strong evidence that offshore wind is already on track to dri... »

Anti Biomass Heating Piece by David Rose (Mail on Sunday)

Just in case anyone has missed David Rose’s (D Mail-MailonSun) latest anti biomass piece, this time against wood heating – see . South East Wood Fuels (SEWF) showed him around one of our woodfuel hubs (with detailed FC Mgt Plan and bags of replanting on mature larch areas) and examples of under-managed and managed woodland. In typical David Rose fashion (he has... »

cost of nuclear power compared to renewable energy

LETTER FOR PUBLICATION Dear Editor THE OPPORTUNITY COST OF NUCLEAR POWER Your editorial on energy policy (2015-04-20) implies that nuclear power is part of the answer to the problem of decarbonising energy supplies, but this is false. The main reason is opportunity cost: money spent on nuclear power is money diverted away from alternatives that are cheaper and better. Nuclear plants are notoriousl... »

Nonsense from Dieter Helm – Energy Futures Network: The Coalition Effect – Energy Policy and the Coalition

11:27 (16 minutes ago) to Claverton Excellent Alan .. good to have some first hand evidence .. I think Helm is seeking controversy for his own ends .. it is important that this version of the “truth” does not take hold ..kind regards m On 15 April 2015 at 16:59, Alan Simpson   I’m on holiday and have just skimmed through the Helm paper. Helm’s occasional accuracies sho... »

MRV, (Material Recovery Facility) black bag and commercial wasteclean dry woody biomass fouel for gasification / pyrolysis

Dear Colleague, We have a client with a tech which has been described as “an MRV, (Material Recovery Facility) on steroids” – it takes in black bag and commercial waste, removes for sale the recyclates rather than destroying them as per gasification / incineration, and generates a clean, dry, pelletized fuel, that is essentially woody biomass,  that can be used in other Finning potential gasifier ... »


Biomass fuels – critique of FOE report

Re. the FOE briefing on using woody biomass in power plant. It is dreadful, masquerading as ‘research’ when it is just a re-tread of the appalling ‘Dirtier than Coal’ report from 2012-13. This was based on very biased research by the US legal anti-biofuels ‘hired gun’ Tim Searchinger. This carefully selected amongst the worst out of 234 scenarios developed by DE... »


Biomass Heating & Power Generation

Chris – I spent close to 2 years working for Balcas whose 2 UK plants can supply 155,000 tonnes a year. I got to know a lot about the true economics of production, economies of scale, transport vs production costs and life-cycle GHG emissions. I don’t have a direct pellet industry connection now but know many of the main players. Some wise words about margins and economies of scale. Si... »