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Claverton Combined Heat and Power Energy Conferences

Claverton Combined Heat and Power Energy Conferences

CHP / RENEWABLE / POWER ROAD SHOWS &  CONFERENCES 2013 With many conferences, the more you pay, the more, higher paid industry executives you get from “Big Energy” spouting what is essentially self-serving propaganda. These Claverton / GMP conferences will have by contrast incisive discussions of the real energy issues facing us, taking apart the dramatic failure of years of UK Ene... »

Micro chp website

Jeremy Harrison runs micro CHP information website (www.microchap.info) which gives quite a bit of information on engines and other prime mover technologies for micro and mini CHP. You will also find links to preview his book on micro CHP or click here: http://www.blurb.com/books/1478310 Kind regards Jeremy Harrison Technology Consultant Energy Infrastructure & End Use Many thanks to  Jeremy H... »

Independent Power & Energy Europe conference NEC, Birmingham, 8th – 10th June 2010

The Conference on Independent Power Generation will be held at the NEC Birmingham, 8th – 10th June 2010. IP&EE – Independent Power & Energy Europe – is the essential biannual event for the Independent European Energy Sector. The Show provides an ideal platform for players in the energy industry to showcase the latest cutting-edge technology and for those professionals to ... »

President Obama signed the 2010 Energy & water appropriations bill

Good news for fuel cells. On October 28, 2009, President Obama signed the 2010 Energy & Water appropriations bill which includes funding for the DoE Hydrogen Program and other offices at approximately 2009 levels for both stationary and transportation hydrogen technologies. A recent news brief in Worldwide Independent Power has a piece from Cummins, who make huge numbers of diesel engines, sta... »

a regular up to date source of hard info on renewable energy- Renew

Need a regular up to date source of hard info on renewable energy? Renew is a 36 page newsletter on renewable energy developments and policy which has been produced  by Open University Professor Dave Elliott without a break bi-monthly since 1979. It’s widely seen as a reliable and up to date source of information, news and analysis.  It is distributed on a membership subscription basis. Rene... »

The americans start to surveille people in an eco friendly way

It is great news that defense forces are promoting the use of alternative fuels in their own unique way.American army is using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Afghanistan. Read more at earthalternate.blogspot.com __._,_.___ »


Ultra Light Rail – the Fast Track to Fuel Cells Introducing Fuel Cells to the Commercial Public Transport Market Fuel cells are now recognised as a key technology in the process of weaning the modern world from its dependence on fossil fuels and leading it into a new age of alternative energy. The principal obstacle still to be overcome is the high cost of fuel cells. In transport, for examp... »

Carbon Pathways Analysis – Informing Development of a Carbon Reduction Strategy for the Transport Sector

Carbon Pathways Analysis July 2008 Executive Summary Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Carbon Pathways by Mode Chapter 3: Carbon Pathways by Type of Journey Chapter 4: The Impact of Mode Switch on Emissions Chapter 5: International Comparisons Chapter 6: The Challenge for Transport Acknowledgements This paper has benefited greatly from the inputs of Mark Barrett at UCL, the Transport Research Lab... »

Toyota announced that it plans to start selling fuel cell vehicles in 2015

    13th January. Toyota announced that it plans to start selling fuel cell vehicles in 2015. They also announced they will release a plug-in hybrid later this year and an all-electric two seater in 2012. Speaking at the North American International Auto Show Masatami Takimoto, Toyota’s executive vice president of research and development, said “Toyota believes that in the long run we&... »

" Why Batteries Not Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are The Future Of Private Motoring" – George Wallis

Wallis’ excellent paper attempts to show why cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells are not the immediate future of private motoring, and why batteries have an important and immediate part to play. Note: (‘Nazi sharks etc.’ refers to a no doubt bad taste joke, made by James May during the recent BBC TV Top Gear show, the popular lads programme about cars: Jeremy Clarkson, of Top Gear has recent... »

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