Nonsense from Dieter Helm – Energy Futures Network: The Coalition Effect – Energy Policy and the Coalition

11:27 (16 minutes ago) to Claverton Excellent Alan .. good to have some first hand evidence .. I think Helm is seeking controversy for his own ends .. it is important that this version of the “truth” does not take hold ..kind regards m On 15 April 2015 at 16:59, Alan Simpson   I’m on holiday and have just skimmed through the Helm paper. Helm’s occasional accuracies sho... »

Why Sellafield costs us all a bomb After a private consortium tried, and failed, to rescue the power station from decades of neglect, it is back in the arms of the public sector once again  Read more Geoffrey Lean only partly explains what happened this week: what went wrong, but not why nor how such a poor private consortium was able to secure the contract in the first place. The known facts in t... »

Smart Metering is FCUKED, a disaster

   Smart Metering is FCUKED   Nick Hunn WiFore Consulting nick@wifore.com +44 7768 890 148 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. This allows you to copy, distribute and display the contents of this paper, or make derivative works. Acknowledgement of the author is appreciated.   The Fiendishly Complicated United Kingdom Enduring Deployment of smart meters hit a problem earlier thi... »

List of proposed new projects in the Government’s New Infrastructure Project – Zombie projects

In my professional life until very recently I have been heavily involved in business development for major civil engineering companies. Looking at this list of proposed new projects in the Government’s New Infrastructure Project one thing strikes me very forcefully is that most of these projects are not at all new.  In fact there are projects on the list that I was visiting the promoters a d... »

The stupidity of mass burning of biomass to replace coal.

From the Claverton Gmail threads: Dear all, David Weight kindly copied me in to this thread. I hope you don’t mind me adding my thoughts. I am only going to comment on the use of biomass for electricity-only, and not the question of DH and or CHP. My position is that UK, EU and US policy makers are wrong to be supporting new big-biomass, enhanced co-firing and full coal conversion (Tilbury a... »

Request for urgent meeting to halt the imminent destruction of the UK solar PV industry

I think this open letter from Jeremy Leggett of Solar Century to Cameron puts the current situation into clear context: 4 November 2011 The Right Honourable David Cameron MP Dear Prime Minister You will recall that five years ago you chose to host your first Shadow Environment team ‘meet the media’ event at Solarcentury. I was very proud to welcome you to the “frontline” of BritainR... »

Call to put pressure on Huhne / coalition to reverse changes to FIT Feed In Tarrif "Little better than Fraud"

On 19 March 2011 12:27, N B Hello Jonathan, I agree with your analysis that this change in policy amounts to little better than fraud. The current administration came into power based on a Coalition Agreement that can be read here http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/sites/default/files/resources/coalition_programme_for_government.pdf »

imminent threat to the Feed-in tarrif from the ‘greenest government ever’ and the ‘green jobs revolution’

  On 17 February 2011 14:28, Jonathan Selwyn <j.selwyn@larkenergy.co.uk> wrote: I would like to draw your attention to the imminent threat to the Feed in Tariff for PV.  Whatever your views on the efficacy of large scale land based solar, the emergency review announced last week threatens the entire sector. In 10 short months since the introduction of the Feed in Tariff, the UK solar sector ... »

List of Energy Acronyms / Glossary

     Acronyms/Glossary  AFC           Automatic Frequency Control AFRO         Automatic Frequency Responsive Operation (same as AFC) AGC           Automatic Generation Control AGR           Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (unique to GB, operated by British Energy/EdF) BWR          Boiling Water Reactor  (Second most common reactor type world-wide) IAEA          International Atomic Energy Agency of t... »

Who's to blame for high commodity – energy, food, metals, prices – it's the producers, stupid, not the banks and speculators

Happy New Year everyone. This article of mine re markets might be of interest (also below). http://seekingalpha.com/article/245574-who-s-to-blame-for-high-commodity-prices-it-s-the-producers-stupid v=1294568746&source=tracking_notify In my view commodity markets have two price boundary ‘trend-lines’: a ‘sellers’ market’ upper boundary, where consumer demand destru... »