"There is no alternative" – TINA – this is bxxxxxxxxxxx – we need to invest in money producing energy infrastructure

Cameron says there is no alternative to austerity….This is complete nonsense – we can borrow money at 3% on international markets  and then invest it in infrastructure which makes 6%, combined heat and power district heating,chpdh being one, then this will make us richer, employ people, take them of the dole and please the markets who will see for once we are doing something sensible, ... »

imminent threat to the Feed-in tarrif from the ‘greenest government ever’ and the ‘green jobs revolution’

  On 17 February 2011 14:28, Jonathan Selwyn <> wrote: I would like to draw your attention to the imminent threat to the Feed in Tariff for PV.  Whatever your views on the efficacy of large scale land based solar, the emergency review announced last week threatens the entire sector. In 10 short months since the introduction of the Feed in Tariff, the UK solar sector ... »

Who's to blame for high commodity – energy, food, metals, prices – it's the producers, stupid, not the banks and speculators

Happy New Year everyone. This article of mine re markets might be of interest (also below). v=1294568746&source=tracking_notify In my view commodity markets have two price boundary ‘trend-lines’: a ‘sellers’ market’ upper boundary, where consumer demand destru... »

Papers in Energy Policy from Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobson, Stanford / California University USA – 100% renewable energy at reasonable prices and timescales

Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi recently published two papers in Energy Policy expanding upon our article on 100% wind, water, and solar power for the world, published in Scientific American in November 2009. I am attaching corrected in-press proofs of the articles. Mark and I continue to work on various aspects of this, so we welcome comments on these papers. (Please do not distribute them system... »

Government to shift resources from wind power to nuclear power in ERM – Energy Market Reform…….by Dr Dave Toke

A letter on this subject was published in the Guardian today, 27th December 2010 – for further info…. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne is heralding  a move towards giving nuclear power  guaranteed subsidies from electricity consumers whilst going back to the discredited 1990s approach of awarding contracts to supply wind power throu... »

Money, banking, credit, Adam Smith, finance, central banking etc, Michael Durkin channel4 film

Tony Let’s have a critical look at the underlying ideas, shall we? On 15 November 2010 08:43, Tony Locke <tlocke@> wrote: A brilliant review, but as Lucy Mangan admits, she doesn’t really criticize the underlying ideas. My response to the criticisms she does make are: > I may not agree that public services are a drain on private industry, This misrepresents the argument. The p... »

German government major conclusions of a review of energy policy in its Energiekonzept.

On 14 September 2010 09:42, Matt Phillips  In case you have not studied the German Energiekonzept document, below are some informal notes on what it says. Last week the German government released its major conclusions of a review of energy policy in its Energiekonzept. If your German is up to scratch, here it is: . A... »

The connection between Dixieland, Weighing the Earth, the First World War and Free Markets

Dixieland is the line separating Maryland and the South from the rest of the USA, and the actual line was surveyed in the 1780 by two English men, Mason and Dixon who plotted the contentious Mason Dixon line – hence the name. (well its is one commonly accepted explanation). They noted that there were systematic errors which they could not explain – ie when they got back to the beginnin... »

Cash boost for alternative energy – Phys. Technol., Vol. 9, 1978 and how the UK lost the race to be a major wind energy producer

Cash boost for alternative energy The level of UK Government spending on development of alternative sources of energy is to increase by 60%. In a White Paper last month the Government announced plans for P6m-worth of research and development, to supplement PlOm already committed. Almost half of the extra money (P2.9m) will go on wave power, and a quarter (415m) will go on detailed studies of the f... »

Private client manager Invicta is to launch a £300m fund targeting the biomass industry to cash in on government targets for renewable energy

( Bruno Prior, MD of Forever Fuels, comments on the Invicta announcement - these are Bruno's personal views, not those of Claverton Group) "Just one little problem (well actually, several, but this one's a good one). Invicta have been shy about whose technology they are using. We sent one of our team to a public meeting in Edinburgh, to ask the question. He was told that Organics wou... »