Potential Shortage of Fracking Sands

A short time ago, following an article in the February 2015 Issue of Materials World Magazine on  “Inside Fracking Fluids” I wrote a letter pointing out that it overlooked one of the most important constituents ” fracking sand”. The article is available on the internet  My letter was based on what I had read in an American Railroad Magazine. Here it is……. Regard... »

Suppressed Government peak oil dossier – anyone got a copy please?

Dear Clavertonians, Received this from Mobbsey the other week (see below)…wondered if any of you could locate a “leak” of this particular British Government document to share with the rest of us even though David MacKay couldn’t get his paws on one…we owe it to our nation to tell the truth…can’t remember how to conjugate the Latin (please do remind me), bu... »

Call for papers on Clean Fossil Fuels for Energy journal

The journal Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Energy enourages submissions on the topic of Clean Fossil Fuels. Here is the call for papers: »

Evidence of an imminent global oil crunch / peak oil has continued to build, un-noticed by the majority of people

Folks   In the run up to the UK election, evidence of an imminent global oil crunch has continued to build, un-noticed by the majority of people, almost entirely uncommented on in the election campaign. The CEO of a major oil company has admitted it no longer pays to build up new oil reserves. A US military panel has warned of dramatic shortfalls in oil supply by 2015. A senior US government offic... »

Christophe de Margerie (no less!) agrees with Hugh Sharman's long-stated view that we are unlikely, ever, to see 90 million bopd liquids production

"Recently, OPEC cut back oil production in an attempt to stem the oil price decline. How much might their cutbacks delay the onset of world liquid fuels production decline? Assuming the plateau model and five years to the onset of decline, each million barrels per day of oil production withholding buys roughly three weeks delay, so a steady, continuing reduction of say four million barrels per day... »

CNG much more efficient than gas to diesel, from Well to Wheel.

On a Well to Wheel basis, importing gas as LNG then making it into CNG gives much lower Well to Wheel CO2 that taking the CH4 and making it into synthetic diesel. The diesel Passat gives 50% more CO2 for the same performance as the CNG Passat according to presentation from John Baldwin MD, CNG Services Ltd. www.cngservices.co.uk john.baldwinaaaatttttcngservices.co.uk »

UK Gas Storage Fiasco Illustrates Folly of Assuming That Markets Can Substitute for Strategic Planning

Headline in the Guardian article covering this, Jan 12th says it all “Plans to Increase Britain’s gas storage capacity left in tatters by credit crunch” What did the economists at Ofgem expect? Only an economist would have any faith in the Market’s ability to replace central planning. Having bemoaned the fact that UK only has 4% storage or 14 days worth of annual consumptio... »

38% HHV Caterpillar Biogas Engine Fitted to Long Reach Sewage Works

A Caterpillar bio-gas engine was as fitted to Long Reach Sewage Works, operated by Thames Water Utilities. This is a V16 engine running at 1500 rpm, on biogas which is typically 60 % methane. Output about 1150 kWe electrical, 1.4 MW heat which heats the digesters. Electrical efficiency is about 38% LHV, thermal efficiency. Life cycle maintenance costs about 0.9 /kWh. Caterpillar makes about 50 u... »

Electricity Prices In The United Kingdom – Fundamental Drivers and Probable Trends 2008 to 2020

Fundamental Drivers and Probable Trends 2008 to 2020 Hugh SharmanThe mindless and self-congratulatory drift and chatter in the UK's energy area during the last fifteen years, in particular the last ten, has the UK sleep-walking into brown-outs and/or severe energy rationing in less time than it takes to plan, engineer, license, procure, build and commission more than 30 GW in new, "clean coal" or... »

An Accident Waiting to Happen – what lies behind the oil spikes.

While the oil market survived the recent storm surge of money, the inevitability of future waves of speculative money sweeping into the market, mean that an oil market meltdown is an accident waiting to happen. To follow the US approach to regulation of oil futures markets would be to try and solve today's problems with yesterday's tools. »