A Short Poem on Climate Change in the run up to Christmas, 2009

A Short Poem on Climate Change in the run up to Christmas, 2009   I fly abroad – the speed of sound; That’s the way to cover ground Why holiday here when you can go Around the world, for sun and snow   I must have two mobile phones I’ve two ears, to hear their tones; The latest gadgets so amuse me Energy to make them ? – don’t confuse me !   I gave the future not a glance, And rashly leaping... »

Two Terawatts average power output: the UK offshore wind resource

The potential electricity available from British offshore wind, using current technology including the Norwegian floating turbines, is about 2TWe. This is equivalent to 50 times current British electricity consumption, and 8 times current total energy demand (electricity, heat, transport) »

Chris Hodrien comments on key recent ‘maverick’ studies downgrading coal reserves estimates

Comments from Chris Hodrien on “Peak Coal” article – R Heinberg 21may07 (Energy Bulletin- Online Fred et al, I guess that this paper, reporting both the key recent ‘maverick’ studies downgrading coal reserves estimates (up to 5/07),  has been a critical input in forming your views on likely future coal reserves. I happened to come across an old printed copy of it and ... »

A reader writes – the history of energy resources and the economy

Dear Hugh Thanks for this. My own view is that relatively low oil prices, which set the bench mark for all other primary energy sources, was the reason why the world economy was able to expand so fast. Energy prices work their way through to all other prices including salaries. and these then work back onto energy prices.When oil prices increased, this wrecked the whole economic system. »

Energy is everything – what is really behind the financial crisis – something which eludes bankers and economists

Great article on the present complete inability of economists and politicians to see what is actually going on: See full thing at:   It is fascinating to watch the behaviour of our political and business leaders as they attempt to cope with the world’s deepening financial crisis. It is becoming clear that they don’t have ... »

What is the correct number to represent amount of nuclear energy produced worldwide? Discussion on wikipedia   My numbers are not wrong, the IEA (and EIA) numbers are wrong, because they multiply them by 3. and they say so. Any property of apples and oranges can be compared, such as color, mass, size, shape, and oh yes calorie content, or energy. As much as 90% of the total energy we use is wasted, but there is no excuse for not using correct mathematics in... »

Water Meters – confusing cause and effect ? Letter from Prof Lesley

Dear Editor, Is today’s front page story another attempt by the Government to tax us more ? UK homeowners (with or without meters) already pay more for water than Continentals. UK water use if wasteful. About 90% of domestic water flushes toilets and washes; ourselves, clothes and dishes. Fortunately the washing machine makers have reduced their water consumption. This leaves the loo. Why do... »

How Much Wind Energy is there? – Brian Hurley – Wind Site Evaluation Ltd.

Introduction The starting point is an estimate of the total quantity of kinetic energy in the atmosphere. Lorenz gives 1.5 x 106Joules/m2 as the quantity of kinetic energy contained in the atmosphere(1). Smil gives a figure described as the annual "solar radiation reaching the earth" as equal to 5.8 x 1024Joules, or 1.84 X 1017W, and 360W/m2(2). Annual Solar radiation absorbed by earths sur... »

Claverton has been asked to comment on the attached submission from the REA to government

please put any comments, as a comment, and or send to John Baldwin ASAP.  There are only hours in which to make a submission. The energy dimension to A sustainable recovery pathway Overview – a Green New Energy Deal The pathway to recovery from this economic downturn must take us in a new direction, not return to the unsustainable model of the late 20th century. Extreme energy price volatili... »

Pumping Power calculator – what power is needed to pump seawater to the middle of the Gobi Desert for desalination in the SeaWater Greenhouse? – answer – not a lot

The spread sheet for calculating this, kindly provided by Wessex Water, one of the UK’s leading water supply companies, is available here:       This spread sheet enables you to calculate power needed to pump water any distance through any height:   You can see that in fact, compared to national energy consumpti... »