Nitrogen feeds billions of people, but relies on cheap fossil, damages soils, pollutes water with runnoff and only about 20% actually gets picked up by plant root hairs

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 12:33 PM, dave andrews wrote: Bbc r4 on the above pointed out how the  haber process generated nitrogen feeds billions of people, but relies on cheap fossil, damages soils, pollutes water with runnoff and only about 20% actually gets picked up by plant root hairs, the rest washing away/off_gassing.  So why don’t they provide small fertiliser particles coated with imper... »

The renewable grid – canal from Scotland to England, transport and water delivery

This is a proposal to construct a canal following the 300 meter contour in UK to convey water from Scotland to UK.  This would provide primarily water for irrigation in the South, which experiences periodic water shortages, bulk transport of goods, power station cooling, and flood relief. A limited amount of hydro power may be generated. It is based on the Pownall proposal of 1949 http://www.davis... »


In the real world, the non-polar deserts are growing at a rapid rate, totally overwhelming the small but valiant attempts at pushing them back.   One neglected cause among many includes the annihilation of tropical forests.  These contain 600 billion tons of carbon, equivalent to about 4.6 trillion barrels of oil or 145 years of oil-burning at the present ... »

The stupidity of mass burning of biomass to replace coal.

From the Claverton Gmail threads: Dear all, David Weight kindly copied me in to this thread. I hope you don’t mind me adding my thoughts. I am only going to comment on the use of biomass for electricity-only, and not the question of DH and or CHP. My position is that UK, EU and US policy makers are wrong to be supporting new big-biomass, enhanced co-firing and full coal conversion (Tilbury a... »

Critique / comparison of bio fuels / jatropha / with other energy options – wind etc

I think Haiti needs Jatophra like it needs another earthquake I’m sure they would much rather have a little help to rebuild their lives, housing and infrastructure;- notably absent from all the international organisations and charities. They are more likely to need Food. Food and Water? – a seawater Greenhouse ?. For Energy – a windfarm would produce much more energy per sqkm ... »

Adsorbed Synthesis Gas – light weight tankers for non fossil fuel shipping fuel

I am trying i to find a supplier of ready made -lightweight ro/ro tanktainers that will hold my own supply of clean syngas (no inerts) I make coconut shell activated carbon with high microporosity and hardness.  Alternately  am looking for someone who has experience working with ASG in particular- making portable tanks- also trying to work out the totals per M3 for capacity, fuel value . The gas w... »

Use of biofuels, biodiesel, bioethanol etc is it feasible, ethical, sustainable and environmental?

Hi Dave and Chris Can I add my bit? UK homegrown biofuel could, at extreme, only supply 3 or 4% of UK transport fuel. Ethanol is such poor EROEI and competes directly with food, wheat, sugar, it should not count. We only have ~6M hectares of ploughable land (as in WWII). The figures for WWII are sobering and illustrate for example the limited supply of milk and meat from  permanent grass pasture. ... »

Organic Agriculture is key part of reducing carbon outputs and sequestering carbon in soil – UN Report

Low-carbon farms can raise food output, UN food agency says “BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) – Low-carbon farming can both curb climate change and boost food output in developing nations and so must be rewarded under a global climate deal due in December, the U.N.’s food agency said on Thursday.”……………….?” “Food Security And Agricul... »

Trading Green is moving forward and have started introducing to South-East Asia (Thailand and Philippines ) an innovative wastewater bio-treatment process.

Dear Claverton, Trading Green is moving forward and this might be a good time to ask for your assistance! As you will see by the attached, the main product we have started introducing to South-East Asia (Thailand and Philippines for the moment) is an innovative wastewater bio-treatment. Its superior performance and quick action can really help people in tropical climates and solve their most press... »

ADRECS – How To Rapidly Convert The Central Deserts Of China To Agricultural Regions Producing Huge Amounts Of Renewable Energy For Europe

This article describes a novel concept using existing technology to very quickly a) control the desertification and sand drifts b) enable the establishment of plant species c) the construction of wind farms or CSP connected to Europe by either a lengthy HVDC transmission system, or the local production of ammonia which can readily be transported to eg Europe / USA and easily used as a vehicle fuel... »

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