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Consultation Response from Renewable Energy Association – REA – Renewable Energy Financial Incentives – Feed-in Tariff – FIT

Introduction We welcome the introduction of Feed-in Tariffs for sub 5MW renewable electricity generation and thank Decc for moving swiftly to pave the way for their introduction in April 2010. The proposals have the potential to foster much wider deployment of renewable energy at the local level and to attract investment in renewable energy from groups as diverse as farmers, commercial companies,... »

Biomass combustion plants – a Claverton member is interested in finding sites / locations with large capacity connections to the local power network or National Grid

A member of the Claverton Group is interested in finding sites / locations with large capacity connections to the local power network or National Grid - typically these might be defunct industrial sites, or existing industrial sites with spare capacity in an industrial sort of location where planning permission for a biomass combustion plant might be more readily obtained. These are for biomass ... »

Fury at plan to power EU homes from Congo dam – Grand Inga – World Bank supports controversial $80bn project

Plans to link Europe to what would be the world's biggest hydroelectric dam project in the volatile Democratic Republic of Congo have sparked fierce controversy. The Grand Inga dam, which has received initial support from the World Bqank would cost $80bn (£48bn). At 40,000MW, it has more than twice the generation capacity of the giant Three Gorges dam in China and would be equivalent to the enti... »

Claverton Energy Group view on European Supergrid HVDC interconnector

A significant number of Claverton Energy Group members acknowledge Britain could have energy security and a fully sustainable clean supply of affordable electricity within 30 years (15 years with a crash program) by embracing the European Supergrid (akin to the UK national grid but on a larger scale, linking up Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland, Central Europe, the Ukraine, and north Africa). However, ... »

ADRECS – How To Rapidly Convert The Central Deserts Of China To Agricultural Regions Producing Huge Amounts Of Renewable Energy For Europe

This article describes a novel concept using existing technology to very quickly a) control the desertification and sand drifts b) enable the establishment of plant species c) the construction of wind farms or CSP connected to Europe by either a lengthy HVDC transmission system, or the local production of ammonia which can readily be transported to eg Europe / USA and easily used as a vehicle fuel... »

Intermittent energy source – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Latest version – feel free to comment or edit – strangely, has a large number of refrences from the claverton site. Jump to: navigation, search Erie Shores Wind Farm monthly output over a two year period An intermittent energy source is a source of electric power generation that may be uncontrollably variable or more intermittent than conventional power sources, and therefore non-dispa... »

Correspondence received from CSP / Trec regarding " Proposed presentation of benefits and costs of European Supergrid by Dr Gregor Czisch"

 Proposed presentation of benefits and costs of European Supergrid by Dr Gregor Czisch Dear Dave, Thanks very much for sending this correspondence. A couple of points about CSP and wind power: Wind power has been supported for much longer than CSP and is much further down its cost-reduction curve than CSP. The TRANS-CSP report from the DLR calculates that CSP imports will be amongst the cheapest s... »

"Green Grid" – Excellent article in New Scientist by David Strahan (The Last Oil Shock) on HVDC supergrids

Articles “Green grid” A version of this article was published in New Scientist on 12 March 2009. Original is here (This article was in part stimulated by the last Claverton conference held at Wessex Water, Bath where Dr Czisch spoke, and various discussions, (various discussions2),   (various discussions3)  (varous discusions4) on this website.  Graeme Bathhurst is a Claverton member) ... »


 Polly Higgins 28.07.08 ELECTRICITY & TRANSMISSION IN EUROPE AND BEYOND Russia is running out of gas, oil is peaking globally, and energy prices are escalating.  The most recent climate change science from NASA tells us that we must stabilise our carbon dioxide emissions at 350 parts per million, a figure we have already overshot with emissions currently standing at 385 parts per million. The ... »

European Super Grid – "Wrong to suggest this would make Europe more vulnerable than importing Russian Gas and Middle East fossil fuels" – ?

The above slide from Czisch (“An affordable renewable power system for Europe”) shows that Europe is unlikely to be vulnerable to sudden disconnection / sabotage of say a single or several, North African regions since there is considerable redundancy in connection and diversity of supply areas, and European grids of necessity already have existing sophisticated systems for coping with ... »

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