Anti Biomass Heating Piece by David Rose (Mail on Sunday)

Just in case anyone has missed David Rose’s (D Mail-MailonSun) latest anti biomass piece, this time against wood heating – see . South East Wood Fuels (SEWF) showed him around one of our woodfuel hubs (with detailed FC Mgt Plan and bags of replanting on mature larch areas) and examples of under-managed and managed woodland. In typical David Rose fashion (he has... »

Claverton Combined Heat and Power Energy Conferences

Claverton Combined Heat and Power Energy Conferences

CHP / RENEWABLE / POWER ROAD SHOWS &  CONFERENCES 2013 With many conferences, the more you pay, the more, higher paid industry executives you get from “Big Energy” spouting what is essentially self-serving propaganda. These Claverton / GMP conferences will have by contrast incisive discussions of the real energy issues facing us, taking apart the dramatic failure of years of UK Ene... »

The renewable grid – canal from Scotland to England, transport and water delivery

This is a proposal to construct a canal following the 300 meter contour in UK to convey water from Scotland to UK.  This would provide primarily water for irrigation in the South, which experiences periodic water shortages, bulk transport of goods, power station cooling, and flood relief. A limited amount of hydro power may be generated. It is based on the Pownall proposal of 1949 http://www.davis... »

Retrofitting insulation and air tightness to existing houses

The reason that good airtightness is so seldom achieved in the UK is that few in the construction industry have the slightest knowledge of what they are discussing with thermal envelopes and so it risks being a case of the blind leading the blind.   Progress can be made: A Victorian solid-walled house in Hereford has been retrofitted to a leakage rate of 0.9 ac/h at 50 Pa as part of the work ... »

Vested interests water down chp cogeneration district heating and energy savings proposal in the new Energy Saving Directive

The intention of the Directive was that Member States shall develop a plan for heating, cooling, and the development of effective national electricity production (CHP)  efficient of district heating and cooling. Lobbying changed this to Member States were committed to developing costs and benefits analysis of  high efficiency cogeneration, and heating and cooling to determine the potential for gro... »

Are large thermal stores and Combined Heat and Power District Heating (CHP) with District Heating (DH) pipes to deliver heat to buildings is more likely to be a better solution to de carbonising the building heating sector than relying on large-scale electricity storage of renewable or nuclear electricity (the “all electric solution”) delivered to buildings via cable?

One of the most intractable energy problems in Europe is how to deal with the heating load of buildings, (11 EJ/y), which is the largest user of primary energy and is presently met largely with gas. This heat load will not go away due to the expense of insulating the legacy buildings beyond quite modest levels and the new build rate of new low energy buildings is too low to have any significant im... »

Real Time Home Energy Monitoring using low cost clip on meters – the Smart alternative to Smart Meters

Set out below are  some of features of the Real Time monitoring that we are doing with the new breed of low cost clip on meters – we are working with the Current Cost meters but the principle applies to many of these meters. Current Cost meters costing ~£45-60. We currently have a free application that installs on both Windows and Linux PC’s that sends the data, every minute, to our servers over t... »

Technology Strategy Board Retrofit for Future a study to minimise CO2 emissions for typical UK housing comparing Combined Heat and Power District Heating with Insulation. March 2011

  Executive Summary.   This work illustrates that the objective of minimising CO2 emissions from a typical late 1960s/early 1970s London houses in a terrace of five houses, is to connect them to district heating. Connection to the district heating gives a lower capital cost per tonne of CO2 displaced than alternative insulation measures. The analysis also shows the importance of considering the se... »

Micro chp website

Jeremy Harrison runs micro CHP information website ( which gives quite a bit of information on engines and other prime mover technologies for micro and mini CHP. You will also find links to preview his book on micro CHP or click here: Kind regards Jeremy Harrison Technology Consultant Energy Infrastructure & End Use Many thanks to  Jeremy H... »

German government major conclusions of a review of energy policy in its Energiekonzept.

On 14 September 2010 09:42, Matt Phillips  In case you have not studied the German Energiekonzept document, below are some informal notes on what it says. Last week the German government released its major conclusions of a review of energy policy in its Energiekonzept. If your German is up to scratch, here it is: . A... »