Climate Change

The Trouble With Climate Change Denial Bob Ward Policy and Communications Director, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Huffington Post 4 July 2014 11:57   Over the past few months, the Global Warming Policy Foundation has been strongly pushing a campaign pamphlet on ‘Th... »

An Insider’s Story – The Global Attack on Climate Science

An Insider’s Story – The Global Attack on Climate Science

An article in the Business Spectator by Jim Salinger – read it here »

Reply from the BBC to the open letter

BBC Response to Open Letter (click to download/open) »

Open letter to Tony Hall and Director General of the BBC

Open letter to Tony Hall, Lord Hall of Birkenhead and Director General of the BBC, on the platform given to Prof Bob Carter on the World at One programme (Fri 27th Sept 2013). Instigated by the Claverton Group.   We, the undersigned scientists and engineers, write to condemn the appearance of Prof Bob Carter on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, and to urge the BBC to seriously rethink the trea... »

Consensus of peer reveiwed scientific paper on climate change

There have been various efforts on this front over the years.  This was one of the key ones: The scientific consensus on climate change by Naomi Oreskes 2004 (looking at papers on climate change): “Many details about climate interactions are not well understood, and there are ample grounds for continued research to provide a better basis f... »

Andrew Neil errors article

Andrew Neil made several errors in discussing our 97% climate consensus paper and global warming on his BBC show. »

The Global Climate 2001-2010, A Decade of Climate Extremes

“The world experienced unprecedented high-impact climate extremes during the 2001-2010 decade, which was the warmest since the start of modern measurements in 1850 and continued an extended period of pronounced global warming. More national temperature records were reported broken than in any previous decade, according to a new report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).” ht... »

Disgracefully innaccurate and incompetent report on Channel 4, global warming, renewables

Dear Channel 4 News I have enjoyed Channel 4 News over the years, but was so shocked at the poor quality of your item on climate change and renewables earlier this week I decided to offer some feedback. Your weather balloon stunt was mildly entertaining and showed pretty pictures of clouds, but what was the point exactly? Cathy Newman began her interview by claiming: ‘The extreme rise in tem... »

Climate change discussion, OECD report, CCS

Hello all The OECD’s report on the global environment to 2050 (available to buy or read online free at,3746,en_2649_37465_49036555_1_1_1_37465,00.html) includes a summary of where we are at with emissions trajectories at the moment.  On the current path, 85% of energy will be provided by fossil fuels in 2050, with an estimated atmospheric CO2 concentration o... »

Papers in Energy Policy from Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobson, Stanford / California University USA – 100% renewable energy at reasonable prices and timescales

Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi recently published two papers in Energy Policy expanding upon our article on 100% wind, water, and solar power for the world, published in Scientific American in November 2009. I am attaching corrected in-press proofs of the articles. Mark and I continue to work on various aspects of this, so we welcome comments on these papers. (Please do not distribute them system... »