Carbon, Sustainability, CSR expert sought

Carbon, Sustainability, CSR expert sought

This opportunity has now passed, and was taken up by T4 Sustainability.   If possible this weekend as CNG Services are bidding for a job and bid has to be in Monday 9,00, CNG need some last minute support on a project in these areas: a) Carbon Foot Printing b) Sustainability c) Corporate Social Responsibility Ideally an individual not a big consultancy. If available for consultancy contact: a... »

Burning wood has worse carbon emissions than burning coal

Some thoughts about current Bio issues. Whilst there are some good reasons to produce biogas from wood when you analyse the process on an exergy basis it is inferior to the combustion of the wood in large scale CHP as practiced in Copenhagen. The reason the work done by the Carbon Trust signalled that AD is an effective route for biomaterials was that the work followed rules set down by the climat... »

Technology Strategy Board Retrofit for Future a study to minimise CO2 emissions for typical UK housing comparing Combined Heat and Power District Heating with Insulation. March 2011

  Executive Summary.   This work illustrates that the objective of minimising CO2 emissions from a typical late 1960s/early 1970s London houses in a terrace of five houses, is to connect them to district heating. Connection to the district heating gives a lower capital cost per tonne of CO2 displaced than alternative insulation measures. The analysis also shows the importance of considering the se... »

a regular up to date source of hard info on renewable energy- Renew

Need a regular up to date source of hard info on renewable energy? Renew is a 36 page newsletter on renewable energy developments and policy which has been produced  by Open University Professor Dave Elliott without a break bi-monthly since 1979. It’s widely seen as a reliable and up to date source of information, news and analysis.  It is distributed on a membership subscription basis. Rene... »

Senior Electricity and Industry Executives Discuss National Energy Policy at Claverton Energy Group Conference 23/25th October

8th Claverton Energy Group Conference 23/25th October, Wessex Water, Bath BA27WW »

"These Fossil Fools" – Catherine Mitchell – excellent article in the Guardian on futility of market solutions to climate change

The UK's energy policy has to focus on lowering carbon emissions by a combination of renewable energy and reducing demand. This requires a system almost entirely different from that we have in place today: one that is conducive to innovation and change; and one that is flexible and resilient to all sorts of technological futures. »

"Carbon footprints of various sources of heat – biomass combustion and CHPDH comes out lowest " – William Orchard.

The analysis indicates that burning biomass in large scale CHP has significant benefits compared to Anaerobic digestion of biomass and then burning the gas in CHP or in boilers. The table follows the convention of treating the growing of biomass and the CO2 it absorbs as one process and then the use of biomass as a second process. Wood used in a building where it may be stored for hundreds of year... »

"Climate scientists: it's time for 'Plan B' " – The Independent Survey

According the Independent newspaper – Steve Connor, Science Editor and Chris Green. Friday, 2 January 2009 “An emergency “Plan B” using the latest technology is needed to save the world from dangerous climate change, according to a poll of leading scientists” carried out by The Independent. This is due to the collective international failure to curb the growing emissi... »