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Anti Biomass Heating Piece by David Rose (Mail on Sunday)

Just in case anyone has missed David Rose’s (D Mail-MailonSun) latest anti biomass piece, this time against wood heating – see . South East Wood Fuels (SEWF) showed him around one of our woodfuel hubs (with detailed FC Mgt Plan and bags of replanting on mature larch areas) and examples of under-managed and managed woodland. In typical David Rose fashion (he has... »

Costs of nuclear combined heat and power and district heating

Marko, See a paper where we have had a stab at what the actual cost for piping from Nuclear CHP will be in practice. It ties in with Estimates made in the 1980s and evidence given at the Sizewell enquiry by John Macadam and Orchard Partners on behalf of the GLC who were making the case that our proposal for a 120MW CHP to heat the 30,000 dwellings on district heating in Southwark was a better opti... »

How a very small part of the Danish DH grid became owned by a private company.

  The short version of the story on how a very small part of the Danish DH grid became owned by a private company.   During the formation in 2005 (or 2006) of the company DONG Energy as we know it today E.on (as well as Vattenfall) were introduced to the Danish heat and power sector. Before, DONG existed as a government owned oil and gas company; they were established to take care of bri... »

UK DH economics – to be able to borrow at less than 6% for new assets thenDH needs to be run by a regulated monopolies

Edited Extract from a recent Claveton Exchange: Some people’s  insistence on and belief in, the term and world view summed up by “real UK political/business conditions” is IMHOP blinding them to the actual realities of economics and politics. The UK govt, or any govt,  can at a stroke, change the market rules to suit what it sees as the best long term view for UK PLC – witn... »

London Underground is hotter than maximum legal temperature for transporting cattle

Temperatures on the Tube have soared above 30C during the summer heat Hello,London Underground have known about this situation for many years, but as an organisation appear singular inept in resolving this long standing problem. A few years ago they announced a programme to build a great many ventilation shafts, and we were expecting to be tendering to build them, but then it was all put off. I do... »


Biomass Heating & Power Generation

Chris – I spent close to 2 years working for Balcas whose 2 UK plants can supply 155,000 tonnes a year. I got to know a lot about the true economics of production, economies of scale, transport vs production costs and life-cycle GHG emissions. I don’t have a direct pellet industry connection now but know many of the main players. Some wise words about margins and economies of scale. Si... »

Ground & Water Source Heat Pumps – Royal Festival Hall

Ground & Water Source Heat Pumps – Royal Festival Hall

This article below is incorrect, given that water source heat pumps have been used in Britain since 1945, with the Royal Festival Hall in London being heated by a heat pump taking heat from the River Thames in 1951.: Excerpt from David Banks, Introduction to Thermogeology: Ground source heating and cooling. Second Edition, Blackwell (2012) ” Exclusive: Renewable energy from rivers and lakes ... »