Author: Andrew Smith

Limits to the costs of backup for variable generation

We have all the tools we need to manage wind penetrations to 70%, so it’s not a question of “if”, only of “which combination”. In this post, I explore some of the costs of those tools, and find a limit to those costs. »

European hydro capacity compared to the demand for electricity

Hydro Capacity in the EU-15 and Norway 22 days the energy storage capacity of hydro across Western Europe, (the EU15 countries plus Norway and Iceland),  expressed in terms of average daily electricity demand 177 TWh the storage capacity, put another way. That’s the same as 0.604 quads, 22MTCe, 15 MTOe, 152Pcal,  637PJ, or 465kWh per person across the 381 million people in the EU15+Norway. 1... »

Has Professor MacKay FRS, Chief Scientific Advisor to DECC, underestimated Britain's potential for Renewable Energy?

Today, The Times has claimed that Britain's potential renewable resources are insufficient to meet demand, and therefore that Britain needs new nuclear plants. This is reported as having been stated by the new Chief Scientific Advisor to DECC, Professor David MacKay FRS, the author of the free online book: Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air - though it appears that The Times invented this quot... »

Two Terawatts average power output: the UK offshore wind resource

The potential electricity available from British offshore wind, using current technology including the Norwegian floating turbines, is about 2TWe. This is equivalent to 50 times current British electricity consumption, and 8 times current total energy demand (electricity, heat, transport) »

Tidal Barrage power generation potential in England

At the last count, the sum of the estimates of potential power from those bays & estuaries that have at least one bank in England, is about 5.57GWe (49TWh/y), equivalent to about 12.7% of current electricity demand »