A Short Poem on Climate Change in the run up to Christmas, 2009

A Short Poem on Climate Change in the run up to Christmas, 2009


I fly abroad – the speed of sound;

That’s the way to cover ground

Why holiday here when you can go

Around the world, for sun and snow


I must have two mobile phones

I’ve two ears, to hear their tones;

The latest gadgets so amuse me

Energy to make them ? – don’t confuse me !


I gave the future not a glance,

And rashly leaping took a chance;

Oh, dear, oh, dear, I should have looked;

I’m sorry kids … your goose is cooked !

Paul M


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    Thanks for the info! I really can’t belive it’s almost Christmas. Snow, sleding, and Mistletoes!

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    Regardless of the cause the one point that most people miss when talking about climate is that we have to be prepared for change. It is pure human fantasy to assume that the Earth today is some sort of steady state system that is supposed to remain exactly as it is. Ocean levels will change and coastlines along with it. Rain belts will shift (North Africa used to be the bread basket of the Roman Empire before the Sahara ate it) and glaciers will flow and retreat. Nearly all the ideas in the climate debate are built on the false supposition that the climate that supports the current geopolitical state is the norm. Let’s quit trying to find someone to blame and figure out how to deal with change that will come regardless of whose fault it is.

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