The CCE-SJ Gasproducer gasifier was developed to consume solid wood Biomass fuels to produce tar-free gas for electricity generation and / or heat applications / chp.

The pollution-free, environmentally friendly answer to providing affordable energy through Biomass gasification. 

The CCE-SJGasproducer was developed to consume solid Biomass fuels to produce tar-free gas for electricity generation and / or heat applications. This self-contained, efficient and reliable alternative source of convenient energy is one of the most cost-effective solutions to uplift non-grid and remote areas, where it may be difficult to obtain liquid fuels or where the costs thereof are too high, but where Biomass material is readily available.

Currently manufactured CCE-SJG Systems range from 120 to 450Nm³ tar-free gas production per hour, producing 50 to 200 kVA electricity with naturally aspirated engine Gensets, or a thermal output of 180 to 685kWth. Much higher electricity yields will be obtained from latest generation turbo charged engines. Basic design data for plants up to 1,200kVA is available for co-operative development.

Fuel: Woodblocks, or Biomass in hard compacted briquettes, sourced from forestry- and sawmill waste, agricultural Biomass, invader bush and alien trees and plants.

Generator Sets: The tar-free gas is suitable to operate converted gas or petrol engines and diesel engines, the latter in dual fuel operation, replacing up to 80% of diesel fuel with CCE-SJG gas. Existing diesel powered Gensets can be checked for conversion suitability to dual fuel operation.

Applications: As a domestic power source for rural / non-grid communities, ensuring socio economic upliftment and development, supporting agriculture (boreholes, irrigation etc.), home industries, workshops and the like. And / or as a heat source, for industrial boilers and driers. For grid in-feeding, plant specifications for up to 3MWe per site are available on request.


Manufactured, supplied and supported by:


P.O. Box 1397, Cramerview 2060 (Johannesburg), South Africa

Tel +27-11-314 1354, Fax +27-11-314 1480



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