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The Claverton Group is an association including members of; energy, environmental and transportation agencies and companies, academic institutions, as well as journalists, politicians and policy makers. Join our mailing list.

Latest Articles

2 MAN x 4,050 kWe plus 2 ABC diesel 1,400 kWe diesel generators complete HFO plants for use on biodiesel, veg oil etc

We take the liberty to point your attention to our most recent offers regarding complete HFO plants which we shall be selling off at very attractive conditions. 8 MW HFO plant Type of plant: turnkey H... »

MRV, (Material Recovery Facility) black bag and commercial wasteclean dry woody biomass fouel for gasification / pyrolysis

Dear Colleague, We have a client with a tech which has been described as “an MRV, (Material Recovery Facility) on steroids” – it takes in black bag and commercial waste, removes for sale the recyclate... »


WE HAVE TWO NUMBERS USED ROLLS ROYCE GAS GENERATORS FOR SALE 3.6 MW EACH. Contact Dave Andrews through the Claverton site if you have any additional questions relating to these items or tyningroad (th... »

The Trouble With Climate Change Denial

  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/bob-ward/climate-change-denial_b_5554513.html?utm_hp_ref=uk-politics&ir=UK+Politics Bob Ward Policy and Communications Director, Grantham Research Institute ... »


Biomass fuels – critique of FOE report

Re. the FOE briefing on using woody biomass in power plant. It is dreadful, masquerading as ‘research’ when it is just a re-tread of the appalling ‘Dirtier than Coal’ report fr... »


Biomass Heating & Power Generation

Chris – I spent close to 2 years working for Balcas whose 2 UK plants can supply 155,000 tonnes a year. I got to know a lot about the true economics of production, economies of scale, transport ... »

How nuclear worsens climate change

How Nuclear Worsens Climate Change

http://content.sierraclub.org/grassrootsnetwork/sites/content.sierraclub.org.activistnetwork/files/teams/documents/SierraNuclearClimate%20%284%29.pdfThe nuclear industry has been selling the world a s... »


GMP Conference – 22 May, London

GMP conference 22 May in London – Powerpoint presentation Related posts: IP&EE conference, NEC Birmingham, 8th – 10th June 2010, diesel generators, on independent power and energy – bi... »

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