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The Claverton Group is an association including members of; energy, environmental and transportation agencies and companies, academic institutions, as well as journalists, politicians and policy makers. Join our mailing list.

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cost of nuclear power compared to renewable energy

LETTER FOR PUBLICATION Dear Editor THE OPPORTUNITY COST OF NUCLEAR POWER Your editorial on energy policy (2015-04-20) implies that nuclear power is part of the answer to the problem of decarbonising e... »

Nonsense from Dieter Helm – Energy Futures Network: The Coalition Effect – Energy Policy and the Coalition

11:27 (16 minutes ago) to Claverton Excellent Alan .. good to have some first hand evidence .. I think Helm is seeking controversy for his own ends .. it is important that this version of the “t... »

Trams in Bordeaux to not need overhead wires – response from Cllr Roger Symonds

Hi Dave Your graph gives only NO2.  The council does not measure PM10s or PM2.5s (as you probably know these are tiny particulates given off from diesels and from friction on the road and from brakes ... »

Bath Tramways Horse Drawn Tram – from the 1880s

tarbuck Horse Tram       http://www.ipswichtransportmuseum.co.uk/hrstram.htm           Date: 1880 Gauge: 4ft 0in Registration: - Acquired by the Museum: 2003 &n... »

Bath’s illegal levels of NOX from traffic fumes

  40 µg/m3 (EU[1], limit value for human health, annual mean)   http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/services/your-council-and-democracy/local-research-and-statistics/wiki/air-quality   Nitrogen d... »

Why trams are a modern, low cost and convenient solution to Baths choking transport issues

Bath Science Cafe, Monday 13th, Raven Pub. Tram in World Heritage City Vienna passing Opera house – see the wires? Some are attached to the building itself. http://www.virtourist.com/europe/vien... »

history of the reasons why Britain Govt likes nuclear despite all the downsides

Neil, et al, Thanks for your comments. You give a whole stack of good reasons why nuclear is unattractive, but still the establishment pursues it, at vast costs in environment, security, cash, credibi... »

Bath Trams follow up meeting, Raven Pub / Bath Science Cafe, 13 April, 8.30 pm

Tram meeting report Zero cost to Bath Council tram proposal Meeting well attended by 37 persons in all. Chairman and ex chairman of council, leader of conservative group, also Lib Dem party rep and gr... »

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